In Forest§Collect
Butterflies in your Forest will earn Honeydew over time. When a honeydew symbol Icon§HD appears above the butterfly, you can collect the honeydew earned by clicking on the butterfly.
The earning rates are the same on each level (see Notes for exceptions), but the time to collect Honeydew is increased. The amount depends on rarity, size and set.

Another way to earn Honeydew from Butterflies is selling them. They are worth most fully leveled up and fed. How much you can get from selling butterflies you can find at Butterfly Selling Values.

Different butterflies earn different amounts of honeydew over time. The sortable table below lists the earning rates per hour of all butterflies.

Butterfly Name Rarity Size Icon§HD/hour*
Pale Sulphur* Common Small 600
Sara Longwing Common Medium 240
BD* Uncommon Small 360
Banded Orange Uncommon Medium 264
Leopard Common Small 240
Common Jezebel Common Medium 180
Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Uncommon Large 116
Common Rose Uncommon Medium 198
Sea Green Swallowtail Rare Medium 138
Dotted Border Common Small 360
Western Blue Beauty Common Medium 180
Spotted Lilac Tree Nymph Rare Small 138
Wood White Common Small 240
Peacock Rare Small 236
Orange Sulphur Common Small 180
Pipevine Swallowtail Rare Medium 137
Five-bar Swordtail Epic Large 148
Jewelled Nawab Legendary Medium 135
Cephus Blue Ringlet Common Small 240
Zebra Longwing Common Medium 90
Blue Doctor Uncommon Small 198
Tigerwing Uncommon Medium 116
Blue Morpho Uncommon Large 66
Paradise Phantom Rare Small 137
Great Blue Hookwing Rare Medium 117
Cycad Blue Common Small 180
Purple-Spotted Swallowtail Uncommon Small 116
Silky Owl Epic Medium 126
Tiger Longwing Common Medium 90
Oak Blue Uncommon Small 116
Dido Longwing Rare Medium 117
Small Postman Epic Medium 84
Obi Island Birdwing Legendary Large 90
Orange Albatross Common Small 105
Red Lacewing Uncommon Medium 116
RedSpot Sawtooth Epic Medium 126
Silvery Blue Common Small 180
Monarch Common Medium 90
Glasswing Uncommon Small 116
Spicebush Swallowtail Uncommon Medium 116
Eastern Black Swallowtail Rare Medium 117
Kingpage Swallowtail Rare Large 78
Zebra Swallowtail Epic Medium 126
Loruhama Eyemark Common Small 180
Broad-banded Demon Rare Small 137
Tomato Rare Medium 137
Corinna Daggerwing Epic Medium 126
Leopard Lacewing Common Medium 105
Dark-Blue Tiger Epic Medium 126
Emerald Swallowtail Legendary Medium 135
Fig-tree Blue Common Small 106
Silver Salamis Epic Medium 126
Giant Blue Swallowtail Epic Large 126
Sunset Moth Legendary Medium 90
Amazon Beauty Uncommon Medium 116
Cramer's 88 Rare Small 138
Pastel Papillion Epic Medium 126
Gold-Drop Helicopis Legendary Small 159
Glauce Leafwing Uncommon Small 116
Acidalia Leafwing Rare Small 137
Scarlett Leafwing Rare Medium 117
Superb Leafwing Epic Medium 126
Manu Perisama Common Small 105
Humboldt's Perisama Uncommon Small 116
Hewitson's Perisama Rare Medium 117
Lilac-banded Euselasia Legendary Medium 135
Green Hairstreak Common Small 106
Holly Blue Uncommon Small 116
Purple Hairstreak Rare Medium 117
Comma Epic Large 126
Black-Veined White Uncommon Small 116
Common Bluebottle Rare Medium 137
Orange Tip Epic Small 126
Freyer's Purple Emperor Legendary Medium 135
Emerald Nawab Common Small 180
Shan Nawab Uncommon Small 116
Blue Nawab Rare Medium 137
Great Nawab Legendary Medium 135
Red Admiral Common Small 180
Yellow Admiral Uncommon Medium 116
White Admiral Rare Small 137
Meadow Argus Epic Medium 126
Exquisite Sailor Common Small 180
Pyropina Phantom Rare Small 137
Red Flasher Rare Medium 137
Amber Phantom Epic Medium 126
Snowflake Common Small 180
Common Brimstone Uncommon Medium 116
Starry Night Cracker Rare Medium 137
Mourning Cloak Rare Large 117
Mabille's Red Glider Epic Small 147
Harmonia Mantle Legendary Medium 135
Cairns Birdwing Common Medium 105
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Rare Large 117
Southern Tailed Birdwing Rare Medium 137
Wallace's Golden Birdwing Epic Large 126
Tibetan Cupid Common Small 180
Red Pierrot Uncommon Small 116
True Cattleheart Rare Medium 137
Branded Imperial Epic Small 126
White Acraea Common Small 180
Hewitson's Acraea Common Medium 105
Pierres Acraea Uncommon Medium 116
Falcate Acraea Rare Medium 137
Dusky Viened Acraea Rare Small 137
Natal Acraea Epic Medium 126
Tiger Swallowtail Common Large 105
Amazon Angel Uncommon Small 99
Bahamian Swallowtail Rare Medium 137
Kite Swallowtail Epic Small 126
Blue Vagrant Common Medium 106
Smokey Orange Tip Uncommon Small 116
Queen Purple Tip Rare Medium 137
Colotis Zoe Epic Small 126
Red-banded Jezebel Common Medium 180
Black Jezebel Uncommon Small 116
Imperial Jezebel Rare Medium 137
Red-spotted Jezebel Epic Medium 126
Starry Night Metalmark Common Small 105
Regal Metalmark Uncommon Medium 116
Huebner's Metalmark Rare Small 117
Apollo Metalmark Epic Small 126
Tentyris Forester Common Small 180
Edwards' Forester Uncommon Small 116
Blue-banded Forester Rare Medium 137
Janetta Forester Epic Medium 147
Resplendent Forester Legendary Medium 135
Tropical Checkered Skipper Common Small 180
Long-Tailed Skipper Uncommon Medium 116
Guava Skipper Rare Medium 137
Sachem Skipper Epic Small 126
Matho Skipper Epic Medium 147
Blood-Red Skipper Legendary Small 135
Febura Cracker Common Large 105
Yellow Cracker Uncommon Medium 99
Amazon Blue Cracker Rare Medium 137
Red Cracker Epic Large 126
Black Swallowtail Common Small 106
Dead Leaf Uncommon Medium 116
Pale Owl Rare Large 117
Spider-Wing Cupid Legendary Small 158
Carla Hairstreak Common Small 105
Great Blue Hairstreak Uncommon Medium 116
Crowned Hairstreak Rare Medium 117
Large Fairy Hairstreak Epic Medium 126
Frosted Elfin Common Small 180
Malayan Snow Flat Uncommon Small 116
Scarlet Peacock Rare Large 137
Mountain Snow Apollo Epic Medium 147
Gaudy Baron Legendary Medium 135
Common Mormon Common Small 106
Great Mormon Uncommon Medium 116
Blue Mormon Rare Medium 137
Andaman Mormon Epic Large 126
Small Cupid Common Small 106
Cinnabar Moth Uncommon Medium 116
Blushing Phantom Rare Medium 137
Aphrodite Fritillary Epic Large 126
Claudina's Agrias Legendary Large 135
Orange Skipperling Common Small 180
Green Charaxes Uncommon Medium 116
Noble Swallowtail Rare Medium 137
Brazilian Mother-of-Pearl Epic Large 147
Forest Mother-of-Pearl Legendary Large 135
Doris Longwing Common Small 106
White-edged Longwing Uncommon Medium 116
Numata Longwing Rare Medium 137
Judith's Tiger Longwing Epic Large 147
Juno Longwing Legendary Large 135
Sulphur Dotted Border Common Small 180
Splendid Dotted Border Uncommon Medium 116
Yellow Dotted Border Rare Large 137
Red-edged White Epic Medium 147
Marbled White Legendary Medium 135
Bog Copper Common Small 106
Atala Uncommon Small 116
Purple Sapphire Rare Medium 137
Large Slate Hairstreak Epic Medium 126
Purple-shot Copper Epic Medium 126
Cosinga Hawker Common Small 180
Great White Longtail Uncommon Small 116
Scorching Sapphire Rare Medium 137
Amber Paradise Skipper Epic Medium 147
Cramer's Paradise Skipper Epic Large 126
Brown Hairstreak Common Small 106
Provence Hairstreak Uncommon Small 116
Spanish Festoon Rare Medium 137
Foxy Emperor Epic Large 126
Silver-washed Fritillary Epic Medium 147
Hades Metalmark Common Small 106
Red-eyed Underleaf Uncommon Small 116
Satanic Skipper Rare Medium 137
Giant Sicklewing Skipper Epic Medium 126
Ghost Brimstone Legendary Large 158
Map Butterfly Common Small 106
Infuriating Pathfinder Uncommon Small 116
Indian Map Rare Medium 137
Gatekeeper Epic Medium 148
Golden Birdwing Legendary Large 135
Common Tinsel Common Small 105
Punchinello Uncommon Small 116
Snowy Angle Skipper Rare Medium 137
White Peacock Epic Large 147
Green Mantle Legendary Medium 135
Egina Daggerwing Common Small 105
The Waiter Daggerwing Uncommon Large 116
Many-banded Daggerwing Rare Medium 137
Ruddy Daggerwing Epic Large 126
Sunset Daggerwing Epic Medium 147
Pink-barred Sister Common Small 105
Sky-blue Hairstreak Uncommon Small 116
Red-washed Satyr Rare Medium 137
Pink Forester Epic Medium 126
Noble Leafwing Legendary Medium 158
California Dogface Common Medium 105
Aranda Copper Uncommon Small 116
Agathyrsus Day-flying Moth Rare Large 137
Leprieur's Glory Legendary Medium 135
Orange-washed Sulphur Legendary Large 158
Scylla Orange Emigrant Common Small 106
Penelope Shouldered Brown Uncommon Medium 116
Circe Butterfly Rare Medium 137
Telemachus Morpho Epic Large 147
Ulysses Swallowtail Epic Large 126
Stoll's Hamadryad Common Small 105
Common Archduke Uncommon Medium 116
New Guinea Rustic Rare Small 137
Eastern Red Lacewing Epic Medium 126
Tithonus Birdwing Legendary Large 158
Midnight Blue Butterfly Common Small 105
Sloane's Day-flying Moth Uncommon Medium 116
Purple Owl Butterfly Rare Large 137
Sunset Morpho Epic Large 126
Purple and Gold Skipper Common Small 106
White Dragontail Uncommon Small 116
Giant Swordtail Rare Large 117
Green Dragontail Epic Medium 147
Dragon Swordtail Epic Medium 147
Banded Orange Awlet Common Small 106
Orange-tailed Awl Uncommon Medium 116
Chequered Lancer Rare Small 137
Hieroglyphic Skipper Epic Medium 147
Pale Green Awlet Legendary Small 135
Green-underside Blue Common Small 106
Southern Comma Uncommon Small 116
Scarce Swallowtail Rare Large 137
Sooty Orange Tip Epic Medium 147
Purple Emperor Legendary Large 135
Great Jewelmark Uncommon Small 116
Antea Clearwing Rare Medium 137
Hewitson's Agrias Epic Large 147
Great Stripestreak Legendary Medium 135
Small Cabbage White Common Small 106
Festive Skipper Uncommon Small 116
Grey Pansy Rare Medium 137
Yellow Tinsel Epic Small 147
Great White Imperial Legendary Medium 135
Small Tortoiseshell Common Small 106
Andromeda Phantom Uncommon Small 116
Queen Butterfly Rare Medium 137
Bhutan Glory Epic Medium 147
Paris Peacock Swallowtail Legendary Large 135
Golden Sapphire Common Small 106
Eye of the Ox Owl Uncommon Medium 116
Tailed Jay Rare Medium 137
Yellow-edged Giant Owl Epic Large 147
Queen Victoria's Birdwing Legendary Large 135

Notes & References

  • Exceptions from having the same earning rate on each level:
Butterfly Name Icon§HD per Minute Icon§HD per Hour
Icon§Level 1S Icon§Level 1G Icon§Level 2G Icon§Level 3G Icon§Level 4G Icon§Level 5G Icon§Level 1S Icon§Level 1G Icon§Level 2G Icon§Level 3G Icon§Level 4G Icon§Level 5G
Pale Sulphur 10 6 5 5 5 5 600 360 320 300 300 300
Dotted Border 6 6 5 5 5 5 360 360 309 300 300 300
BD 360 360 343 340 330 330
  • All earning rates are de facto calculated from stage five earning rates.
  • The Earning Rates per Time are rounded by banker's rounding to keep the most accurate numbers.
  • The butterflies of the Aztec and Wayang sets give +5% Honeydew on level five to their specific set butterflies (including themselves). This is stackable and not reflected in the tables.
  • Some butterflies affect their own or others earning rates by using their Special Abilities. This is also not reflected in the tables.

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