Christmas even reaches out to the fluttering forest of the sanctuary! For this happening there is always something around the corner.

The first Christmas in Flutter 2013 was celebrated with the Festive Set, its festive butterflies and the introduction of christmas themed normals and special gifts. In 2014 with the Silverbell Set, its festive butterflies, festive gifts and the first Community Event! In 2015 and 2016 with the Tinsel and the Salji Set furthermore the Forest got a festive decoration.

Christmas 2015 Gift§Basic Acorn

Gift§Special Acorn
Similiar to the Hidden Eggs from Easter, with the Tinsel Event Hidden Christmas Presents got introduced, of which all players received three per day for free. As this was connected to a Community Event with its goals, the release of the Punchinello with the ability to Create a Hidden Christmas Present every 4 days and the Green Mantle with the ability to Create 3 Hidden Christmas Presents every 4 days (Upgraded: 2 days) pushed the community's achieved goals.
These gifts have three different appearances.

Possible Content

– 1 – 5 Icon§Flutterbuck
Frog Treat Icon§FrogTreat WithWings

Twig Icon§Storage Twig
Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf
Sap Icon§Storage Sap
Attraction Flowers
– 20% Common
– 10% Uncommon
– 20% Rare
– 10% Epic
– 10% Legendary
– 50% Small
– 20% Medium
– 10% Large

Christmas 2016 Gift§Basic Jolly

Gift§Special Jolly
The christmas event 2016 brought a new kind of special gifts – Jolly gifts!

In order to enjoy jolly gifts all year long, the Yellow Tinsel of the Salji Set got the Special Ability to Create a Hidden Present every 4 days.

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