During the time from the 18th to 21st April 2014 every day three different colored easter eggs appeared on the forest to be hunted down and opened for Easter 2014. These eggs – also called Hidden Eggs – come around in blue Icon§EasterEgg Blue, green Icon§EasterEgg Green and pink Icon§EasterEgg Pink.

On the following Easter the corresponding event sets contained Butterflies with the Special Ability to create one or three Hidden Eggs every four days. With these abilities it's now possible to create, search and reveal hidden eggs all around the year.

Ostara Set (Easter 2015)
Green Charaxes : Create a Hidden Egg.
Forest Mother-of-Pearl: Create 3 Hidden Eggs (Upgraded: Every 2 days).

Ziana Set (Easter 2016)
Aranda Copper: Create a Hidden Egg.
Leprieur's Glory: Create 3 Hidden Eggs.

Possible Icon§EasterEggs Content:
– 1 – 4 Icon§Flutterbuck
Frog Treat Icon§FrogTreat WithWings
Twig Icon§Storage Twig
Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf
Sap Icon§Storage Sap
Attraction Flowers
– 20% Common
– 10% Uncommon
– 20% Rare
– 10% Epic
– 10% Legendary
– 50% Small
– 20% Medium
– 10% Large