Florida Tree Snail§Flutterpedia
Scientific Name: Orthalicus reses
Description: Hauling multicolored shells into the canopy, tree snails worldwide have left their ancestral homes of land and sea, to live the high life licking algae off the trunks of trees.
Tap on your snail to see if she has videos for you to watch for rewards!!

Florida Tree Snail§Silhouette

Description not unlocked: Reach a score of 500 and watch a video to unlock.

The Florida Tree Snail comes around wich reaching a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 500. To be unlocked in the Flutterpedia, you must a video she offers first. For watching a video, you get different rewards, which are fixed and reset at midnight.

After tapping the Florida Tree Snail, first video data need to be loaded. The progress of this can be watched at the button Button§Play Loading. As soon a it has finished loading, the button will switch to Button§Play and can be tapped now to watch a video. After finishing watching the button will show a data load once more and then switch to Button§Claim VideoSnail (Claim), which will roll random between two possible rewards when tapped.

Video Rewards

Menu§Video Snail
  1. Video rewards Icon§Flutterbuck 1 or Icon§Flutterbuck 5 – (Chance 9:1)
  2. Video rewards Icon§Flutterbuck 3 or Icon§Flutterbuck 1 – (Chance 1:4)
  3. Video rewards Icon§Storage Twig or Icon§Flutterbuck 1 – (Chance 1:1)
  4. Video rewards Icon§Storage Leaf or Icon§Flutterbuck 1 – (Chance 1:1)
  5. Video rewards Icon§Storage Sap or Icon§Flutterbuck 1 – (Chance 1:1)
  6. Video rewards Icon§HD xxx or Icon§Flutterbuck 1 – (Chance 1:1)
  7. and following Videos reward Icon§HD xxx or Icon§HD xxx –
    (Chance 1:1 – 1:9)

The amount of honeydew you can get is unspecific and independent of your Score.

Snail Speeches

Good day! Let’s watch videos together. You may have the reward for our endeavour.
Good day to you! Let’s critique a video and earn a reward.
Between two Videos
Shall we watch another?
How exciting! Maybe we could watch another?
Care to join me for another presentation?
I wonder what video will be next.
Claiming Reward
That was a delightfully thought-provoking.
That was riveting; I was on the edge of my branch!
That was allegorical to our very existence! Also; a prize for you.
Most enlightening! Here is your trinket…
What a indubitably enchanting presentation.
I give it two eyestalks up!
Getting Prizes
You’ll receive a random prize!
Click the button below to claim you prize!

Offer Wall

The Offer Wall you can find by entering the Main Menu and tapping the Offer Wall Button. It offers Glowbucks for watching more videos or doing specific tasks, like playing games, buying stuff, participating at competitions and so on.

The support for the offer wall tasks is independent to the RunawayIconunaway support. You can contact them in the game itself by opening the Offer Wall and tapping support at the upper right corner.


  • The Florida Tree Snail and the Offer Wall were introduced on 14th December 2015 with Update 2.0.

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