As soon as you create a new game, a new ID will be created. The Game ID can be found at the game when loading (beneath the loading bar) and by opening the setting by tapping Button§SettingsWheel at the top left of the screen. This will open the main menu, choose Button Main Menu§Settings, which will open the 'Settings' and showing the ID at the middel of the top of the screen. As community we recommand to note the ID somewhere or to take a screenshot, to make sure in case of loss device or else the support can restore your account. Please note: In such a case contact RunawayIconunaway via their Facebook Page!

If you start a new game, the game will let you know, that you are playing as a guest and ask, if you want to create an account. This means to connect the game to Facebook, where your game progress will be saved and you'll be connected to Friends, which will be displayed in the social menu, if they play, too.

Log In

If you want to log in, because you reinstalled the game or if you logged out or changed the device, there's a login menu for you! As soon as you start the game and the first loading finished, you'll see two buttons, which explain themselves: "New Game" and "Log In". Choosing "New Game" will start a new game instantly. "Log In" will open a second menu.

Login§AccountRecovery LookingForAccounts...
To login with Facebook, tap the Facebook button. With the "Recover" option, you can see all games, which are saved local at the device. This feature was introduced with the Migration to restore accounts, which were not connected to facebook. The feature is still active and can be used, if you play more than one game on the device, which are not linked to Facebook. If you find your game here, just tap Button§Connect Confirm to start.

Login§AccountRecovery NoAccountsFound

If there is no saved game, you'll get an message no accounts were found on the device. You need to log in with Facebook or contact the support.

Log Out

To switch between accounts, you'll have to log out of the game by tapping Button§Account formerlyConnections at the settings. This must be confirmed before you will be logged ot finally. The game will bring you back to the first Log In step.

Previous Ways to Log In

Menu§Migration Readiness II
In September 2016 RunawayIconunaway decided to become independend and set up their own server and support team, so all games had to be migrated then. Preciously they cooperated with Mobage Icon§Mobage and DeNA Icon§DeNA. Therefore the way to log in had different appearances, which you can have a look at the gallery.
  • Latest before Migration: First Step
  • Latest before Migration: Second Step

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