• Incubator Ready to Attract
  • Incubator – With a Hint to Attract
  • Incubator Attracting a Species
  • Incubator can't be used because Forest Population is at Max

The Incubator is one of the most important content of the game. Here you can get access to your Attraction Flowers inventory by tapping one of the symbols around it – Placeholder§CoreSetIcon for Region, Placeholder§SizeIcon for Size and Placeholder§RarityIcon for Rarity Attraction Flowers.
But even more important is that you can attract new species. To attract a butterfly's egg, simply tap the incubator and tap Button§Attract!
After starting the attraction, you can watch the random rolling for the species. Every attraction will attract one egg. If the forest's capacity is reached the attraction button will be greyed out Button§Attract NA and the lights are shut down.

Attracted eggs' size depends on the attracted butterfly's size, eggs os small butterflies are slightly smaller than medium ones, which are slightly smaller than large ones. Further they have specific appearances depending on the butterfly's rarity:











Special Event Decorations

During some Butterfly Events the Incubator gets a special decoration.

Amore Set§ForestDecoration Facebook
Ziana Set§ForestDecoration Facebook
In Forest§Incubator Masque Event

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