After unlocking a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 200, you can get a complete overview of all the butterflies in your forest and you are also able to store butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalises. You just need to tap the Inventory button at the bottom of your screen.


Forest Inventory Tab§Inventory Forest

The left tab Tab§Inventory Forest shows the butterflies of all stages and Creatures without a fixed spot (like the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee, the Bee Fly and Doug the Glowbug).

It offers the benefit to find creatures at the forest by selecting first and tapping Button§FindButterfly (Find) then to let the game zoom in to the butterfly, which will be centered, which is a big advantage on high level games! The button is shown, but greyed out Button§FindButterfly NA at the Storage tab.

Except for eggs and the Bee Fly all creatures can be stored by selecting and tapping Button§StoreButterfly (Store). (Note: If you buy a Special Visitor while you have no space in forest, its egg will go to the storage automatically. It can be returned like any other creature, too.) It will be greyed out Button§StoreButterfly NA whenever no creature or the Bee Fly is selected and also whenever the storage is full.
Note: It's also possible to store a adult butterfly right from its pop up menu at the forest. This does not apply to caterpillars, chrysalises and creatures.

To expand your inventory, you need to expand your forest. The maximum of inventory slots by now is 104. Slots used by other creatures than butterflies at any stage don't count to this maximum. So it may happen, that the Forest Population counter – shown between the header and the inventory menu – shows numbers like 107/104. The left count shows the number of creatures in you forest, the right one the already unlocked slots.

To sell butterflies, caterpillars or chrysalises you need to tap Button§SellButterfly (Sell) at the bottom of the menu. It's not possible to sell eggs, the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee, the Bee Fly and Doug the Glowbug – in this case and if nothing is selected the button will be greyed out Button§SellButterfly NA. Butterflies can only be sold out of the inventory or storage.

If you accidentially sold a butterfly – especially an event butterfly – you can buy it from its Flutterpedia page. The the bottom right corner will show Button§LayEgg, which will lay an egg for Icon§Flutterbuck of the selected species.
Please Note: For this feature you must have hatched at least one individual of the species!

Storage Tab§Inventory Storage


Next to the inventory tab, you'll find the storage tab. By tapping Tab§Inventory Storage it will show all stored butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalises, Buff-Tailed Bumblebees and Doug the Glowbug, you stored from the inventory or the forest before. To bring back a creature to forest just tap Button§ReturnButterfly (Return) at the bottom of the menu. If there is no selection or no free slot at the forest, the button will be greyed out Button§ReturnButterfly NA.

When starting a new game, you'll get four free butterfly storage slots and one of each expanding resource – Twig Icon§Storage Twig, Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf and Sap Icon§Storage Sap – for free. 

To expand storage space, tap the last storage slot which holds the three little forest icons and you'll be presented with the option of expanding your storage by one slot by tapping Button§ExpandStorage (Expand) at the bottom of the menu.
Expanding your storage requires storage resources, Twig Icon§Storage Twig, Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf and Sap Icon§Storage Sap, which can be obtained through Missions, by completing Goals, in friends' gifts Gift§Basic and from using Special Abilities.
If you don't have enough storage resources to expand, you'll have the option of expanding by spending Icon§Flutterbuck 4 for every storage resource item that is missing – the button will turn to a premium currency button Button§ExpandStorage FB showing the amount of Icon§Flutterbuck you'd have to spend for expanding in spite not having enough ressources.
The button will be greyed out Button§ExpandStorage NA/Button§ExpandStorage FBNA if you are at the inventory menu and as long als you did not select the last slot, which is showing the ressources, at the storage tab.

Expansion Prices per Slot
1st – 4th slot: free
5th – 12th slot: 1 Icon§Storage Twig, 1 Icon§Storage Leaf, 1 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
13th – 20th slot: 2 Icon§Storage Twig, 2 Icon§Storage Leaf, 2 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
21st – 28th slot: 3 Icon§Storage Twig, 3 Icon§Storage Leaf, 3 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
29th – 36th slot: 4 Icon§Storage Twig, 4 Icon§Storage Leaf, 4 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
37th – 44th slot: 5 Icon§Storage Twig, 5 Icon§Storage Leaf, 5 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
45th – 52nd slot: 6 Icon§Storage Twig, 6 Icon§Storage Leaf, 6 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
53rd – 60th slot: 7 Icon§Storage Twig, 7 Icon§Storage Leaf, 7 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
61th – 68th slot: 8 Icon§Storage Twig, 8 Icon§Storage Leaf, 8 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
69th – 76th slot: 9 Icon§Storage Twig, 9 Icon§Storage Leaf, 9 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot
from 77th slot: 10 Icon§Storage Twig, 10 Icon§Storage Leaf, 10 Icon§Storage Sap for every slot


Both inventory and storage have the feature of sorting. The default setting is set to all creatures by name, except for eggs, which show up at the end. Any kind of sorting is always ascending, which can't be changed. You can sort by

Menu§Sorting Drop Down

Special Abilities

Expand Forest Inventory

These butterflies have the ability to Chop an Expansion Foliage every 7 days:

Create Storage Ressources

Create a Twig Icon§Storage Twig every 24 hours:
Create a Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf every 24 hours:
Create a Sap Icon§Storage Sap every 24 hours:

Related Goals

  • Storage: Store a butterfly (Reward: Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf)
  • Storage II: Return a stored butterfly (Reward: Twig Icon§Storage Leaf)


  • On 4th April 2013 early players received ten free slots for the start. New players will get only four.
  • The feature to store and sell caterpillars and chrysalises was introduced with Update Version 1.86.
  • On 20th December 2014 the find butterfly feature was added to the Inventory.
  • With Update 1.99 on 23rd September 2015 the increased ressources needed for expansion slots were capped to 10 of each. Previously they added up unlimited.
  • The Update Version 2.5 brought the feature to sort inventory and storage.

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