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Kingpage Swallowtail§Loading Screen

Scientific Name: Papilio thoas (America)
Set: Citlali Set§Icon Citlali
Rarity: RarityIcon§Rare Rare
Size: SizeIcon§Large Large

Incubation Time: 16 hours
Caterpillar Time: 4 hours
Egg Lay Cost Icon§Lay Egg: Icon§Flutterbuck 60

Special Ability: Create an attract flower.
Cooldown: 24 hours

Description: These caterpillars defend themselves from ants and parasitic predators with an appendage called an "osmaterium". This produces an acidic pheromone to ward off would-be attackers.

Level Data
Level Pollen to next level Honeydew Production Sale Price
Level0Icon 300 Icon§PollenSmall Icon§HD 312 every 4 hours Icon§HD 1,800
Level1Icon 600 Icon§PollenBig Icon§HD 624 every 8 hours Icon§HD 1,800
Level2Icon 900 Icon§TwoPollen Icon§HD 936 every 12 hours Icon§HD 7,200
Level3Icon 1,200 Icon§ThreePollen Icon§HD 1,248 every 16 hours Icon§HD 16,200
Level4Icon 1,500 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 1,560 every 20 hours Icon§HD 28,800
Level5Icon total: 4,500 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 1,872 every 1 day Icon§HD 45,000


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