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#97 Mabille's Red Glider
(Currently not available through the incubator)

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Mabille's Red Glider§Facebook

Scientific Name: Cymothoe mabillei (Event)
Set: Festive Set§Icon Festive
Rarity: RarityIcon§Epic Epic
Size: SizeIcon§Small Small

Incubation Time: 4 hours
Caterpillar Time: 1 hour
Egg Lay Cost Icon§Lay Egg: Icon§Flutterbuck 175
Special Visitor Price: Icon§Flutterbuck 350

Special Ability: Add an Expanding trail.
Cooldown: 4 hours

Description: Delighting in the sun, these fiery butterflies spend their days gliding in the canopy, or resting in sunspots on the ground.

Level Data
Level Pollen to next level Honeydew Production Sale Price
Level0Icon 180 Icon§PollenSmall Icon§HD 147 every 1 hour Icon§HD 4,500
Level1Icon 360 Icon§PollenBig Icon§HD 294 every 2 hours Icon§HD 4,500
Level2Icon 540 Icon§TwoPollen Icon§HD 441 every 3 hours Icon§HD 18,000
Level3Icon 720 Icon§ThreePollen Icon§HD 588 every 4 hours Icon§HD 40,500
Level4Icon 900 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 735 every 5 hours Icon§HD 72,000
Level5Icon total: 2,700 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 882 every 6 hours Icon§HD 112,500

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