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The Majutsu set of butterflies was only available during a limited-time Wisp Event, from 24th October – 4th November 2014 by normal breeding.
As the event is over now its butterflies can only be bought through the Special Visitor for Icon§Flutterbuck or – if you have at least one individual of one of the butterflies – by laying eggs for flutterbucks or using the Special Ability to lay an egg for free.

Attraction Flowers for the Majutsu set were obtained by capturing wisps from a Wisp Mother,
with a Evil Red-Eyed Mother giving White, Blue, Pink and Golden Wisps.

Majutsu Set§Reward
For perfecting the Majutsu set within the time limit, the rarest butterfly, the Spider-Wing Cupid received an Alternate Form and a decreased recharging time of its Special Ability to Lay an egg for free every 7 days to 5 days.


  • With the Majutsu a new reward system for completing the event during the time limit was introduced.
  • The Majutsu set is the first one having no more Exclusive version of its decoration after its introduction, like the prior events.
  • For the first two hours of the release all butterflies were unlocked and their related Wisps could be caught.
  • The Majutsu set broke the line, as it should have been a Set-Flower Event. But regarding upcoming Halloween, a Wisp Event was more suitable.


  • The name "Majutsu" (魔術, まじゅつ) most likely comes from Japanese, as it literally means "evil art" or "witchcraft". Since this set was released to Halloween, the theme is fitting.