Before Game Update Version 1.86 it was possible to get Flutterbucks from selling max level butterflies. By now they can only be sold for Honeydew. The following table shows the selling values before the update went live.

We’ve had a TON of feedback to the news of our new update, specifically the change of selling butterflies from Flutterbucks to Honeydew. Firstly, a genuine thank you for all your feedback. We read it all and reply to as much as we can. The passion that you guys show for the game and the time that you take to share your opinion is a great testament to how much Flutter means to people.

After the last day of reading feedback and engaging in discussion, I wanted to clarify a bit of our thinking around the butterfly selling changes.

Flutterbucks are our game’s premium currency. It’s the purchases of this currency that allow us to keep operating the game and delivering all the new content that keeps things fresh. It is a totally optional currency used for shortcutting challenges that can all be achieved through regular gameplay. It is true that some challenges require A LOT of gameplay to achieve for free (e.g. animated decorations, bumble bee), but we think it’s fair to have some content reserved for our most passionate players and those that support the team with their Flutterbucks purchases. Selling level 5 butterflies was producing so many free Flutterbucks that not only was it devaluing the currency, but hurting the economic health of the game and putting further development of the game at risk.

However, players should absolutely be able to earn some free Flutterbucks through gameplay! This is important so that players can understand the value of the currency, and if they have a lot of time on their hands save up towards some of those very special premium purchases. There are still many ways to earn Flutterbucks in the game. From goals to missions, friend gifts to petals, we’re still quite generous with the amount we give away for free compared to many other games.

An unintended side effect of removing this feature was that it also removes a part of the game that players enjoyed: raising lower level butterflies multiple times for a little FB boost. This was cool because it added a little strategy, as well as a use for flower and caterpillar duplicates. We’re thinking about different ways we might be able to reintroduce this feature in a more controlled manner in the future. We got some great suggestions on the blog and Facebook so thanks heaps.

We’re so thankful for your passion and commitment, and it sucks when a change doesn’t make people happy. For all the updates we’ve made over the last 16 months its incredibly rare that we reduce the power of something, but this is one of those times when a hard decision had to be made to benefit the long term health of the game. We hope you can understand and carry on with us on this exciting journey as we release heaps of awesome new features.

Hey Flutter players! Our upcoming update has some important balancing changes that we wanted to give you a heads-up about before it goes live. Some overpowered mechanics are going to be toned down to balance the game, but at the same time we’re addressing our #1 player request: more space for more butterflies.

Here’s what will be changing:

  • Selling butterflies. Level 5 butterflies will now sell for a big Honeydew boost instead of Flutterbucks. When we first designed this ability, we didn’t anticipate that it would become as overpowered as it did. Combined with special abilities it becomes a pretty crazy factory for Flutterbucks, which is supposed to be a really special currency. We know this is going to suck for players that have come to depend on it, and we’re sorry for getting it wrong in the first place, but part of tuning a live game product is balancing overpowered mechanics, just as much as it is about adding in all the new sets, characters, and features.
  • Comma Flower Duplicator Ability. The Comma’s ability will now be revised to work like the updated flower duplicator, so it will “Duplicate and harvest” the flower it targets. We just overpowered this ability plain and simple, it was our mistake. It has been out in the wild for a while now, but we have to balance it appropriately to make it fair for all players.
  • More forest space. The updates we made last time have paid off. With crash rates down and performance up, we can now safely add more space to the environment for you to unlock. Look to the right of the forest and you’ll find a cool new “corridor” that links together two of the spaces.
  • Cheaper Storage. Expanding your storage spots is now cheaper so you can hold on to even more species in your collection.
  • Minor tweaks. Event flowers will now be cheaper, but laying eggs a bit more expensive, and the frog will produce less event flowers (players with huge stores of frog treats were blitzing through events almost instantaneously)

We know this update is going to hurt a bit, but don’t fret! We’re making these tough changes now to lay the foundation for some really exciting new updates coming in the future. As always we’re listening to your feedback so let us know what you think. We’re hoping the update will be ready in time for the weekend, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s live!

# Butterfly Set Rarity Size Value
# 2 Pale Sulphur Aztec Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 27 Sara Longwing Aztec Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 18 BD Aztec Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 3
# 9 Banded Orange Aztec Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 3
# 3 Leopard Wayang Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 7 Common Jezebel Wayang Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 25 Common Rose Wayang Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 3
# 39 Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Wayang Uncommon Large Icon§Flutterbuck 3
# 41 Sea Green Swallowtail Wayang Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 5
# 29 Dotted Border Maua Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 47 Western Blue Beauty Maua Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 2
# 43 Spotted Lilac Tree Nymph Maua Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 5
# 1 Wood White Mariposa Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 4
# 44 Peacock Mariposa Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 10
# 4 Cephus Blue Ringlet Mayan Star Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 13 Zebra Longwing Mayan Star Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 34 Blue Doctor Mayan Star Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 14 Tigerwing Mayan Star Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 24 Blue Morpho Mayan Star Uncommon Large Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 30 Paradise Phantom Mayan Star Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 15
# 37 Great Blue Hookwing Mayan Star Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 15
# 5 Cycad Blue Papakura Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 4
# 46 Purple-Spotted Swallowtail Papakura Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 40 Silky Owl Papakura Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 6 Orange Albatross Turmeric Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 36 Red Lacewing Turmeric Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 26 RedSpot Sawtooth Turmeric Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 30
# 8 Silvery Blue Citlali Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 23 Monarch Citlali Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 6
# 12 Glasswing Citlali Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 11 Spicebush Swallowtail Citlali Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 9
# 20 Eastern Black Swallowtail Citlali Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 15
# 27 Kingpage Swallowtail Citlali Rare Large Icon§Flutterbuck 15
# 45 Zebra Swallowtail Citlali Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 30
# 10 Leopard Lacewing Rama-rama Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 10
# 21 Dark-Blue Tiger Rama-rama Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 50
# 19 Emerald Swallowtail Rama-rama Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 100
# 33 Fig-tree Blue Uzuri Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 48 Silver Salamis Uzuri Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 60
# 31 Giant Blue Swallowtail Uzuri Epic Large Icon§Flutterbuck 60
# 49 Sunset Moth Uzuri Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 120
# 42 Amazon Beauty Itzamna Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 15
# 28 Cramer's 88 Itzamna Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 25
# 35 Pastel Papillion Itzamna Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 50
# 50 Gold-Drop Helicopis Itzamna Legendary Small Icon§Flutterbuck 100
# 67 Orange Sulphur Amigo Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 10
# 68 Pipevine Swallowtail Amigo Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 25
# 69 Five-bar Swordtail Amigo Epic Large Icon§Flutterbuck 50
# 70 Jewelled Nawab Amigo Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 100
# 71 Loruhama Eyemark Saltar Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 10
# 72 Broad-banded Demon Saltar Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 25
# 73 Tomato Saltar Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 25
# 74 Corinna Daggerwing Saltar Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 50
# 51 Glauce Leafwing Leafwing Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 52 Acidalia Leafwing Leafwing Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 53 Scarlett Leafwing Leafwing Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 54 Superb Leafwing Leafwing Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 55 Green Hairstreak Shamrock Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 56 Holly Blue Shamrock Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 57 Purple Hairstreak Shamrock Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 58 Comma Shamrock Epic Large Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 59 Manu Perisama Perisama Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 60 Humboldt's Perisama Perisama Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 61 Hewitson's Perisama Perisama Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 62 Lilac-banded Euselasia Perisama Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 63 Black-Veined White Tsubasa Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 64 Common Bluebottle Tsubasa Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 65 Orange Tip Tsubasa Epic Small Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 66 Freyer's Purple Emperor Tsubasa Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 80
# 75 Emerald Nawab Nawab Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 76 Shan Nawab Nawab Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 77 Blue Nawab Nawab Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 78 Great Nawab Nawab Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 80
# 79 Red Admiral Admiral Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 80 Yellow Admiral Admiral Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 81 White Admiral Admiral Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 82 Meadow Argus Admiral Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 83 Exquisite Sailor Fantasma Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 84 Pyropina Phantom Fantasma Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 85 Red Flasher Fantasma Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 86 Amber Phantom Fantasma Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 93 Snowflake Festive Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 94 Common Brimstone Festive Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 95 Starry Night Cracker Festive Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 96 Mourning Cloak Festive Rare Large Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 97 Mabille's Red Glider Festive Epic Small Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 98 Harmonia Mantle Festive Legendary Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 80
# 99 Cairns Birdwing Birdwing Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 100 Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Birdwing Rare Large Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 101 Southern Tailed Birdwing Birdwing Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 102 Wallace's Golden Birdwing Birdwing Epic Large Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 103 Tibetan Cupid Aphrodite Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 104 Red Pierrot Aphrodite Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 105 True Cattleheart Aphrodite Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 106 Branded Imperial Aphrodite Epic Small Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 89 White Acraea Acraea Common Small Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 88 Hewitson's Acraea Acraea Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 91 Pierres Acraea Acraea Uncommon Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 90 Falcate Acraea Acraea Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 92 Dusky Veined Acraea Acraea Rare Small Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 87 Natal Acraea Acraea Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 107 Tiger Swallowtail Quetzal Common Large Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 108 Amazon Angel Quetzal Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 109 Bahamian Swallowtail Quetzal Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 110 Kite Swallowtail Quetzal Epic Small Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 115 Blue Vagrant Colotis Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 4
# 116 Smokey Orange Tip Colotis Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 117 Queen Purple Tip Colotis Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 60
# 118 Colotis Zoe Colotis Epic Small Icon§Flutterbuck 40
# 111 Red-banded Jezebel Jezebel Common Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 8
# 112 Black Jezebel Jezebel Uncommon Small Icon§Flutterbuck 12
# 113 Imperial Jezebel Jezebel Rare Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 20
# 114 Red-spotted Jezebel Jezebel Epic Medium Icon§Flutterbuck 40

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