This page descibes old game content, which is not in the game anymore! For actual informations on the shop, please visit the Shop page.

To open the shop, tap Button§Menu at the bottom right corner and then the shop button Button Main Menu§Shop.

As alternative you could enter the Old Shop from the attraction flowers menu by tapping the Button§Shop button.

To buy a selected item, tap Button§Shop Big.

You could buy 100% Attraction Flowers, the Frog Delicacy 6-Pack and the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee for Flutterbucks, but you can also spend some Honeydew on the Daily Deals.

Icon§DailyDeal Daily Deals

The Daily Deals are Attraction Flowers from 10% – 100%, which can be bought once a day for some Honeydew (the price varies between the selling price multiplied by 7.5 to 10). New Daily Deals appear every day, with the refresh taking place at midnight, your local (device) time.
Shop§DailyDeal Shop§DailyDeal SoldOut

If you have a butterfly with the ability to reset the store's daily deals, you can get an additional reset of the Daily Deals once every 24 hours for each of these butterflies you have.

Icon§Wish Shop for Friend


If you want to surprise your Friends with something special, you can shop for them.

To do so, open your friend list, choose the friend you want to gift and press Button§ShopForFriend. (If this button is greyed out Button§ShopForFriend NA, you need to select a friend first.) After that, the shop will open, as normal, but all items, even the Daily Deals, need to be bought with Flutterbucks. However, this means that you can gift the same shop item unlimited times – to the same or different – friend.

Keep your eyes peeled for your friends wishes, to make the surprise the best it could be!

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