Sketch§Butterfly1 Mirrored
Icon§GoldenButterfly Core Sets (14) Icon§GoldenButterfly Icon§Limited Limited Sets (45) Icon§Limited

Unlocked from the start
#18 BD (Uncommon & Small)
Aztec Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked from the start
Wayang Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked from the start
Maua Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 460
Mariposa Set§Flutterpedia
Friends Set – Unlocked from the start
Amigo Set§Flutterpedia
Mayan Star
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 1,000
Mayan Star Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 1,800
Papakura Set§Flutterpedia
Bee Fly Set – Unlocked along with the Bee Fly at a Flutterpedia Score of 1,700
Paradise Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 2,450
Turmeric Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 2,800
Citlali Set§Flutterpedia
Saltar Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 3,650
Rama-rama Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 4,550
Uzuri Set§Flutterpedia
Unlocked at a Flutterpedia Score of 5,400
Itzamna Set§Flutterpedia
Unknown Set§Flutterpedia

Since i dont know how to ever use these templates i give you the information like this:

- Rubeneditz


Lencten Event :

Bandicam 2017-07-29 17-06-09-904

with had 5 new butterflies:

#278 Red Underwing Skipper (double reward from leafbug/barkbug: 4hr)

#279 Male Adonis Blue (Flower gambit: 24hr)

#280 False Apollo (Create an attract flower: 24hr)

#281 Old World Swallowtail (Create a petal: 24hr)

#282 Painted Lady (Lay an egg for free: 7d)


Escohola Event:

Bandicam 2017-07-29 17-06-23-519

#283 White-spotted Tadpole (Harvest all attract flowers 24hr)

#284 Olive Purplewing (Make all butterflies take-off 4hr)

#285 Rusty-tipped Page (create a dandelion 24hr)

#286 Malachite (Double pollen effectiveness on bee fly for 1 min. 24hr)

#287 Sulkowski's Morpho (Upgrade a attract flower to 100% 7d limited: 5d)


Liberty Event:

Bandicam 2017-07-29 17-06-34-014

#288 Uncle Sam Moth (Launch a Freedom Firework 4hr)

#289 Blood-red Acraea (Create a sap 24hr)

#290 Male Malayan Wanderer (Hurry a Mission 24hr)

#291 Dark Pale Jezebel (Hurry a caterpillar 12hr)

#292 Eastern Courtier (Hurry an egg 3d limited: 2d


Last edited on 29-7-2017 by: Rubeneditz


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