Maybe you don't want to play with any sound or maybe you accentially lost some Icon§Flutterbuck on laying an egg or you want to log in with another account? The setting menu will provide you a bunch of possible settings, you may adjust like you want them to!

General Settings


Actual Settings Menu

If you choose Button Main Menu§Settings at the main menu, it'll open the Settings Menu. At the top, you'll see your Game ID.

Sound Balance: The first three slider allow you to adjust the sound balance of Sound Effects, Music and Ambience. The most left point deactivates the setting completely, the most right will adjust at the maximum.

Notifications: You can further choose, which notifications you want to receive: For Eggs and/or Butterflies and/or Flowers. If there is a green mark, it's activated. You'll always get notification whenever the Wisp Mother ist ready. Make sure you allowed notifications at your devices settings!

Button§CancelingCircle 1
'Cancel' Time: The last slider allows you to adjust the time that counts down before Flutterbucks are spend for speeding up stuff at the forest and for laying eggs. Other interactions, which cost Icon§Flutterbuck will open a notification message in the game, which must be confirmed to spend. On the most left side there is almost no time to cancel an action, on the most right side it'll take a lot of time.
Please Note: The community recommands to set the slider most right, to avoid accidentially spending Flutterbucks.

At the bottom you find two buttons. One for the Credits and one to Log Out.


  • Older Version
  • DeNA is still shown in the game credits, for an unkown reason

Since Gutenberg and the letterpress printing people wanted to sign their creations. So did RunawayIconunaway!

You can take a look at the credits by tapping Button§Credits at the settings.


Menu§Settings Old

Outdated Settings Menu

  • The Settings menu got changed every now and then.

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