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The Silverbell set of butterflies was only available during a limited-time Wisp Event, from 20th December 2014 – 3rd January 2015 by normal breeding.
As the event is over now its butterflies can only be bought through the Special Visitor for Icon§Flutterbuck or – if you have at least one individual of one of the butterflies – by laying eggs for flutterbucks or using the Special Ability to lay an egg for free.

Attraction Flowers for the Silverbell set were obtained by capturing wisps from a Wisp Mother,
with a Red-Eyed Mother giving White, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold Wisps.

Silverbell Set§Reward
For perfecting the Silverbell set within the time limit, the rarest butterfly, the Gaudy Baron received an Alternate Form and a decreased recharging time of its Special Ability to Lay an egg for free every 7 days to 5 days.