• Discuss the newest Updates and Butterfly Events!
    Exchange tips for finishing the actual Event collection!

    • 10 threads
    • 321 posts

    Last post by Marcia1955 16:40, February 5, 2017

  • All chatting, questioning and discussions about Flutter are right here at the right place!

    • 20 threads
    • 164 posts

    Last post by Evgenia Ivanova 17:20, November 25, 2017

  • Find and search for friends in Flutter! Also check the Friends page!
    Don't forget to post your GameCenter ID and/or Facebook Link!
    Posts older than 7 days will be moved to the Archive.

    • 12 threads
    • 32 posts

    Last post by DesertFlower1979 17:47, February 18, 2017

  • Everything concerning the Wiki and stuff not about Flutter!

    • 2 threads
    • 15 posts

    Last post by LadyAnima 10:34, May 3, 2016

  • This board contains old and closed threads.

    • 346 threads
    • 10,908 posts

    Last post by Marcia1955 03:59, January 16, 2017

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