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#128 Tropical Checkered Skipper
(Currently not available through the incubator)

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Tropical Checkered Skipper§Facebook

Scientific Name: Pyrgus oileus (Event)
Set: Skipper Set§Icon Skipper
Rarity: RarityIcon§Common Common
Size: SizeIcon§Small Small

Incubation Time: 80 minutes
Caterpillar Time: 20 minutes
Egg Lay Cost Icon§Lay Egg: Icon§Flutterbuck 25
Special Visitor Price: Icon§Flutterbuck 50

Special Ability: Add a Misty Aura.
Cooldown: 4 hours

Description: Entertaining to watch, but frustrating to follow, skippers get their name from the way the flit from perch to perch.

Level Data
Level Pollen to next level Honeydew Production Sale Price
Level0Icon 21 Icon§PollenSmall Icon§HD 60 every 20 minutes Icon§HD 500
Level1Icon 42 Icon§PollenBig Icon§HD 135 every 45 minutes Icon§HD 500
Level2Icon 63 Icon§TwoPollen Icon§HD 180 every 1 hour Icon§HD 2,000
Level3Icon 84 Icon§ThreePollen Icon§HD 270 every 90 minutes Icon§HD 4,500
Level4Icon 105 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 315 every 105 minutes Icon§HD 8,000
Level5Icon total: 315 Icon§FourPollen Icon§HD 360 every 2 hours Icon§HD 12,500


  • The specific attraction flower for the Tropical Checkered Skipper differs in cases. It is called Tropical checkered skipper although the name of the butterfly itself is spelled Tropical Checkered Skipper.