It's my first day on the Flutter wikia page, though i started playing Flutter roughly two months ago :)

Thought I'd do a little intro for anyone who's keen to read (I am, after all, just another player :P)

I'm most interested in collection games, tending more to the inactive (or afk) type of gaming. Don't get me wrong, I check back whenever an egg is being laid or when the wisp mother is ready, but I don't usually spam games ^^"

I've played many Action/RPG games to little success (schoolwork, commitments, etc). Therefore, in the recent months, I figured it'd be best to simply focus on academics while playing inactive games to fulfil my need for recreation.

Till date, I've collected and mastered the Ostara Event, and current on the Juno Event. The only egg layer I own is the Lilac-Banded Euselasia (and it's not even complete!)

I'm hoping the next wisp mother event will have another Egg Layer! And I'm sure it's going to be pretty damn cool. 

Love the graphics and love the concept! (And I'd love more free flutterbucks because who doesn't??)

Alright that's all for now! Happy gaming and three cheers to flutter!

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