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    November 15, 2013 by Keroroslowdown

    Pale Sulphur

    Aphrissa statira

    This butterfly is usually seen along riverbanks and other open habitats, at altitudes between about 0-1600m. It is commonest between about 200-800m, and is most abundant during the early part of the wet season.

    Sara Longwing

    Heliconius sara

    The butterfly occurs commonly at elevations between sea level and about 1500m. It can be seen in gardens and secondary forest as well as in primary rainforest.


    Callicore Cynosura

    Lowland tropical rainforest. The butterfly is frequently found close to habitations.

    Banded Orange

    Dryadula phaetusa

    Lowland tropical fields. This butterfly is usually seen along open areas.


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